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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Completed Harry and Daphne Fanfiction. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Founder: Dorothea Greengrass - Stories: 68 - Followers: - id: The Kiss by UnapologeticallyCaffeinated reviews harry and daphne dating fanfiction just wanted to know what it would be like. In the summer ofshe has a plan redeem the reputation of Slytherin House, and some of the people inside it.

This is my first story. The plot kind off came to me one day harry and daphne dating fanfiction I thought I'd put it up on here and see what people think of it. Harry Potter shot awake. He was in the Gryffindor dormitory.

Harry potter and daphne greengrass dating fanfiction. Spread the love. The fact that was who that the Harry and daphne dating fanfiction on to me, the yule ball, the marriage contracts recovery by then daphne greengrass.
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Hello everyone, I am BlueInferno X and this is my first story. Well, to be accurate, this is a story I have adopted. It was originally called 'Two Girls with Harry in the Middle' by sheltie. I, personally, love this story and I was very annoyed that it had been abandoned because it harry and daphne dating fanfiction totally brilliant! So I asked sheltie if I could adopt it so it could be finished. I'm an okay writer but I ask RWG to help me by checking my stories before I post them form improvements. I also ask his little sister and my big brother. So, even though I'm trying to keep this as close to the original story as I can, I have decided to sort out the punctuation mistakes, and since he was probably from the USA which uses a different form of English to England I had also sorted out the spelling.

In one unexplainable motion that was acompnied by a soft pop, five smartly dressed people appeared out of thin air huddled together in a secluded alley adjacent to Kings Cross station, a Regal looking man and a woman who appeared to be married and then three children all girls, two aged seventeen and one fourteen, two of the children bearing harry and daphne dating fanfiction to their parents the other not. The man tucked something quickly into his pocket and glanced at his wife, at her nod he turned to face the children. The three children nodded at his words. You should do your best to stay away from them, those of them you are aware of. Perhaps aligning yourself with Lord Potter will ensure your safety-" he was interupted by a snort from Tracey who was looking at Daphne, whilst Astoria the youngest was giggling. The eyebrows of Lord Adrian Greengrass rose, he glanced at his eldest daughter to see her flamed face and recognition dawned upon him and he blinked, blinking again his mouth dropped, his Wife at seeing his shock rubbed his arm amusedly whilst fighting to contain her laughs. Like all years before it was completely jammed with Muggles and the occasional glimpse of a robe, sticking close together they made there way along the platform and without the hassle most families had they glided straight through the wall and onto platform nine and three quarter's, and there she stood the red gleaming engine in all it's glory, this platform however was nigh on empty.

Disclaimer: Really not bringing my A-game to fic writing these days for harry and daphne dating fanfiction unknown reason. So you know. It was at the end of Daphne's girlhood that her thoughts began to turn to romance and other such things. Coincidentally, it was exactly the same time that Harry Potter slipped up and revealed himself to be interesting enough to get a closer look.
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